Welcome to the Global Institute on Innovation Districts EUROPE

We help transform R&D centres into 21st Century problem-solving geographies: sustainable, inclusive and impactful

What are innovation districts?

Innovation districts constitute the ultimate mash up of entrepreneurs and educational institutions, start-ups and schools, mixed-use development and medical innovations, bike-sharing and bankable investments—all connected by transit, powered by clean energy, wired for digital technology, and fuelled by caffeine.

Bruce Katz, Julie Wagner,
“The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America”
The Brookings Institution, 2014

Why are districts rapidly evolving?

Innovation districts are, in essence, the physical
manifestation of a changing time where the inherent characteristics of the city are enablers of heightened connectivity and knowledge exchange. Unlike science parks and science corridors that use expansive greenways and parking lots to separate institutions and companies, innovation districts embrace the attributes of density and proximity to facilitate collaborative, “open” innovation and strong social networks.

Julie Wagner, Bruce Katz, Thomas Osha,
“The Evolution of Innovation Districts: The New Geography of Global Innovation”
The Global Institute on Innovation Districts, 2019

Who we are

The Global Institute on Innovation Districts EUROPE is a new practice-oriented research organization dedicated to catalysing innovation districts in and across Europe. We help districts develop highly-tailoured solutions, allowing them to leapfrog ahead.

How we lead

We conduct deep empirical research on a large number of districts to derive new insights.

Peer learning
We facilitate peer learning and use the empirical data and reflective work to surface insights and solutions.

Strategic support to advance the practice
We actively support districts as they sharpen specific tactics, strategic plans, and other products, effectively helping them to advance the global practice.

Our Team

GIID EUROPE draws together experienced researchers and practitioners in this fast-changing field to help Europe’s innovation districts achieve best in class.